We’d like to hear your views on our vision for Phase One of Future Carrington.

Consultation has helped shape our decisions as we develop a masterplan for Phase One. We value your views and opinions and are happy to help if you have any questions about the proposal. Before completing the form, it may be useful for you to view the Phase One masterplan.


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Do you have any specific comments about the draft Phase One masterplan?

What type of shops would you like to see as part of the Village Centre?

Do you think that re-locating employment areas and creating new homes and a village centre will help give Carrington its own identity?

Can you think of one benefit of Future Carrington and one point we need to consider?


Point to consider:

Please make any general comments you may have.


This information will help us to effectively log and analyse responses to consultation on the project, and allow us to keep you updated as we progress with the vision.






If you would like to receive Future Carrington updates, please let us know your preferred method.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback form. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss our vision further, click Join In
Please let us have your comments by Monday 21st March 2016.

Providing your contact details allows PPS (Local & Regional) Ltd, on behalf of HIMOR, to assess the reach of the consultation programme and log responses. Should you select to be kept informed, your email address and telephone number will allow HIMOR to keep you updated on plans for Future Carrington. Copies of the feedback received may be made available, in due course, to Trafford Council. We will, however, request that your personal details are not placed on the public record. Consultation comments and findings may also be referenced in the public domain, however these will not be personally attributed. Your personal details will be held securely by PPS (Local and Regional) Ltd and HIMOR in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2000 and will not be passed to any additional third parties.

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